Welcome to the fawn & the fox blog.

For those unfamiliar with the fawn & the fox, we are a small company selling a range of handmade items – from knit accessories to housewares. We are based in Central Alberta, Canada.

I started this company with my boyfriend, Michael, whom I met in art school. He is an electrician, and is responsible for all housewares that we sell, including lighting (of course), and art pieces. I am a seamstress at an upholstery shop, which has allowed me the opportunity to learn to sew. I have branched out from the upholstery world and started sewing my own designs. I create faux fur hats and hoods for children and adults. I plan to branch out into other sewn items in the future.

I also knit. All. The. Time.

Because knitting has long been one of my favourite pastimes, it only made sense to start making things to sell. A lifetime of grandma jokes is the one small downside to having the ability to create beautiful knit accessories. (To anyone who doesn’t knit – don’t let your friends deter you from learning. They will only be trying to hide their jealousy.) When I’m not knitting or sewing, I’m most likely baking or painting – more on this later.

We have been running an Etsy shop for a few months (thefawnandthefox.etsy.com), and have sold our wares at Market Collective in Calgary, AB.

I hope to create a blog that consists of glimpses into what we are working on as a company, current projects, personal endeavours, and interesting things I want to share with all of you.

Other ways to interact with us:

Instagram: @lstansal and @jayapura

Facebook: Facebook.com/thefawnandthefox

Etsy: thefawnandthefox.etsy.com

A custom order hood that I made for my nephew, and one of my favourite things I’ve made:Image



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