New Item Day


As much as I detest having my picture taken, a couple times a month I will put that aside and break out my biggest smile (above) and model items for my Etsy shop.

Today, we added 14 new items to the shop, all of which were hand made by me.
(You can view all of these items and their prices here)

As always, there are many new knit accessories:

All of these items are made from high quality yarn; from pure american wool to soft baby alpaca.

DSCN0009                  DSCN0025

DSCN0135                 DSCN0100

Some furry hoods:

I sew all of these myself, and I design all my own patterns. I still have quite a few of these in children’s sizes, but I am still in search of a child model to be able to photograph them. – If you would like to send me your child, please leave a comment and I will get my mailing address to you.

DSCN0050                     DSCN0059

I also take custom orders for all my fur hats and hoods in all sizes. Visit my shop and look under the “custom order” section.

I have decided recently, against my better judgement, to begin taking custom orders for knit items as well. I’m not sure yet if this will cause me more harm than good. Taking custom orders without a set list of options seems a little scary, but I am confident enough that it will be fine.
Basically, if I have an item you like, but you want it in a different colour, I will work out the details with you in terms of yarn choice. (This is where sites like Quince & Co. come in handy) Although I have made custom items for friends, I have not done this through my Etsy shop before.
If anyone else has experience with this, I would love to hear what this has been like for you, and any tips you can offer me.

Or, message me with your orders and we’ll try it out!


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