Custom Orders: The Faux Zoo

The time has come once again for Michael to do me the huge favour of driving me two hours from home, to the best fabric store I’ve found to date. (He really takes one for the team here, people. In addition to the four hours of driving, he has to put up with me wandering around a warehouse of floor to ceiling fabric rolls for…well who can say how long. And may this be the yard stick with which we all measure our boyfriends.)

Our last excursion turned some pretty prime results – although my favourite black fur was out of stock. Below, is the photo from our custom listings in our etsy shop.

faux fur jan 2014

I know that choosing options from a photo can be a little worrisome, so I’d like to just tell you a bit about them to help you make an informed decision. (Because I just know all of you are going to order a hat from me after this :P)
*Note that the word “pile” refers to the length of the actual hairs of the fur.*

Brown Rabbit – this is a super soft fur with a short pile (about 1″). It is a medium/ dark brown. It is about as close to real rabbit fur as you can get with synthetic materials, hence the name. In my opinion, short furs look great with our bear ears, and this one is no exception. (although I did make a custom fox hood from this fur and it looked awesome.) This hat is made from the same fur, just in black.

Arctic Fox – this fur is a creamy off-white (I would describe it as “blonde”), with a 2″ pile. I have not made any hats out of this yet, but I am super excited to do so. In my opinion, longer furs lend themselves beautifully to the fox ears on our hats. The neutral tone would also go well with pretty much any lining. Being a thicker fur, this is also one of the warmest fur options we have.

Grey Wolf – this fur is pretty similar to the arctic fox, but obviously much darker. It also has a 2″ pile – Being so thick and lustrous, this is definitely the warmest fur we have. It features black on the ends of the fur with grey at the base. Because it is two-toned, it gives hats a lot of depth and an organic feel. Just like wearing a real animal skin! (note – this fur has been described as “lycan”.) At this moment, there is an adult size hood in our shop made of this fur, so you can see what it looks like in action.

Red Panda – this fur is soft and velvety, with quite a short pile – about 1/2″. I would honestly compare it to a kitten’s fur. Or possibly a chipmunk… not that I’ve touched one of those. It is also a two-toned fur, with a light creamy taupe at the base, and a medium brown with a reddish tint at the ends. This fur would be perfect for a baby hat because it is so soft and delicate.

Zebra – the zebra basically speaks for itself. (if you don’t know what a zebra sounds like, find out here.) The fur is super soft, with a short 1/2″ pile. The stripes themselves are not black, but a soft greyish brown. The other colour is a nice cream colour. Personally, I prefer this to the traditional, stark black and grey. The neutralizing of the colour pallet makes it seem much more fresh and modern. I haven’t yet made anything out of this fur, but I would love to. (So please order one.)

There’s my synopsis of each fur. Hopefully that is helpful to anyone thinking about placing a custom order, but intimidated by the options.

If you have further questions, feel free to comment below, or message me on Etsy. 🙂


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