Market pick up for custom orders

Just a quick post to let everyone know that if you would like to place a custom order through our Etsy shop before February 1, you can then pick up that item at the Commonwealth Collector’s Club market on February 9, and I will refund your shipping costs!

If you are ordering a large item, such as a cowl or fur hood, this could save you upwards of $20 on shipping costs. Canada post has recently raised their already sky-high prices, so it sure isn’t cheap! – I always feel a certain amount of guilt when I post a new item on Etsy, and then have to plug in the shipping costs. I know it can be off-putting to look at an item and then see that shipping is going to be an extra $40. I am still in search of a better way to send out packages but I have not found it yet…

This pick up option will apply to all of our available custom order listings on Etsy, including: cowls of all styles, knit headbands of all styles, kids and babies fur hats, and kids and adults fur hoods.

Here are some examples of available custom items:

custom garter cowl coverThe chunky knit cowl – choose one or two (or even three!) colours for this thick and cozy scarf.

custom headband coverThe knit headband – available in this bow style and many others. Perfect for Valentine’s Day

baby hat customBaby and Toddler faux fur hats – several sizes to choose from, as well as tons of colours of fur and linings. Get one with bear or fox ears.

If there is an item in the shop that you like, but it isn’t in the custom order section, and you want it in another colour, just message me and let me know what you want, or click the “request custom order” button in our shop.

Alternately, if you would like to reserve an already made item that you see for sale in our shop, you can do that too. I only ask that you pay a deposit of about 25% of the whole price of the item. Just message me and let me know which item you would like to reserve, and I will create a listing for your deposit.

I hope to hear from you guys soon, or I’ll see you at the market.


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