Spring Time

I realize I have been absent  from my blog for quite some time, so I thought I should let everyone know what’s been going on:

Basically, I am using this time to create a new plan for my shop in lieu of the changing seasons (Not many people interested in buying heavy scarves and toques at the end of April).

This spring, I am planning to focus more on sewn items and lightweight knitting, and save the heavy knits for fall. Coming soon will be baby blankets, fingerless gloves, lightweight toques (because there are still some drafty days in spring, after all), an array of new lighting fixtures, backpacks, pillows and one of a kind tree ring prints. A few of these are already available in our shop, with more on the way.
This season, we would like to focus more on items for the home, with a few accessories for rainy days:

Here are some hand knit accessories that you could wear out on a walk in the early evening. The gloves are quite handy because you can keep them on while snapping a photo of that beautiful sunset, all while looking incredibly stylish, of course.




Here are some items which are also available in our shop right now. The ever-present mason jar lights, as well as our all new, one of a kind tree ring prints. You can read all about the making process, where the wood comes from, and a bit about how each print is created in each print listing on our Etsy shop. These items will add some modern, minimalist style to any room.

il_570xN.591203512_mfxt          il_570xN.591210194_euws


That’s all the news I have today. Be sure to check our shop regularly, as new items will be going in on a regular basis. Be sure to “like” our Facebook page for notifications about our new items, sales and upcoming events.

Happy Easter!





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