Hello all,

I have been absent from the blogging scene once again, for quite some time. None of the last 6 months has included much knitting for me, except some long awaited personal projects, which I always fill my Ravelry que up with and then never cast on. More on these projects later. There’s just something about the first snowfall (usually on October 31 around here, but this year we held out until November 5!) that makes me want to pick up the needles again. I have been knitting up a storm lately, and I have some new projects for everyone to see (more on this below).

What I really want to tell everyone about, is our upcoming holiday market, in Calgary, AB. I had such a great experience at Market Collective last year, so I applied again, and was accepted for the third weekend, December 19-21.


I look forward to seeing all the frantic, last minute christmas shoppers, and hopefully connecting them with an item their family and friends will love. I have several new projects for this year that I will be selling at MC, as well as through our Facebook page (we are selling to central Alberta only through this platform).

The first, is something I’m very excited about: our new Christmas stockings!

In my family, we always made our own stockings – being a family of sewers, knitters and crafters. We would choose fabric scraps in many different colours and patterns, create snowmen, reindeer heads or stars from felt, or break out my mother’s famed button jar (which was more of a crystal vase) to ornament our stockings. Each one was unique and our own. Because of this tradition, I was shielded from the atrocity that is store bought christmas stockings. Upon a recent visit to the drug store, I was presented with an array of stockings made of what I could only identify as fabric borrowed from leftover halloween costumes. Cheap, mangy faux fur, threadbare crushed velvet, and dubiously thin felt, all in alarming shades of red and green seemed my only options. I was very disappointed, to say the least, and thought I could certainly offer people a better option. Sure, stockings are simply vessels to hold gifts, and need not be overtly fancy or expensive, but can’t we do better than this dollar store crap?! I also personally don’t feel the need to ensure all my holiday decorations be red and green. It’s a stocking, we know its for Christmas, so now why can’t I make it out of a fabric I actually like? (I may be alone in this, but I’m not so partial to cartoon santas and candy cane prints)

With all of this in mind, I set out to make stockings that I like, that would last for years, and would still be modern and stylish. I have used fabrics I love, super soft and totally luxe faux fur, and lined each one for a plush, inviting feel.



Of course I would encourage everyone to try making your own stockings at some point. It is a great activity for a family around Christmastime, and it really gets everyone feeling festive. It could be fun to lay out a bunch of materials buffet-style, and invite a few friends over for some winter cocktails (I highly recommend Jamie Oliver’s DrinksTube on YouTube for ideas). Everyone will leave with a stocking that is uniquely them.

Or, if the thought of a needle and thread terrifies you, or you simply have no time to be throwing dinner parties at the moment, I highly recommend stopping by Market Collective and picking one up from The Fawn & The Fox booth.


DSC03008                                                   DSC03016



Also new to the shop are our Wilderness Toques. I wanted to create a super warm hat, that would look great on anyone and everyone. Each one of these babies is made of 100% wool, unisex, and slightly different. I have used a different stitch pattern, cabling, or colour palette for each one.



I am currently taking custom orders for these through our Facebook page for central Alberta.

That’s all I have to report for now. I do have a few other new items that will be for sale at MC. Stay tuned for updates and photos. As always, follow me on Instagram (@lstansal), located in the sidebar, for more frequent updates and info.



4 thoughts on “Winter!

  1. 1. Can’t wait to come to MC and see you and your creations.
    2. Please avert your eyes when you are at my house and see my stockings (I adore the ones you’ve made and will save my pennies).
    3. Love your stocking making/cocktail drinking idea….I’ll be there!
    4. You are a gifted writer!

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