I Felt Festive

Recently, I discovered that there is more to Pinterest Christmas decorating than glitter filled ornaments and burlap wreaths. By entering the right search criteria, you can find all kinds of decorations that *gasp* you’d actually want in your house! Personally, my favourite searches have been “modern christmas decorations” and “hipster christmas”… I know… don’t judge me.

I tend to go on rampages with Pinterest, and try to pin everything available under a certain topic (When I find one thing I like, I basically pin everything under “related”. Needless to say, following me would be a mistake). Last week was no different when I searched for “diy garland” and “felt garland”. I was not after something distinctly for christmas. As long as it looked festive and celebratory, I was in.

After feverishly adding about 50 pins to my Xmas board, I reviewed my work, thinking about which one I could actually make (something that does not enter my thought process when pinning. If I like it, it’s saved). I settled on this one, by Pam Garrison.



I liked the bright colours she used, and the way it resembled tinsel and a feather boa at the same time. I went to the fabric store the same day and bought 40 sheets of felt – which turned out to be overkill. I probably used 30, but I didn’t make my garland extremely long overall. To see her directions, click here.

She cut her felt strips about 1/2″ x 2″. I found this to be too short for my taste, and decided to cut mine double that – 1/2″ x 4″. All I did was fold each sheet of felt in half lengthwise, cut it in half, and then cut into strips. I found this allowed the strips to lay more like the picture above, rather than fan out in stiff little bow ties, as they did when I cut them shorter.


I spent about an hour cutting strips (with some help from Michael, and some counteractive “help” from the cat). I filled a cloth grocery bag about 2/3 full of strips and mixed them thoroughly. I then cut a small piece of bulky yarn, tied it into a loop, and threaded this onto my string first, so that I would be able to hook my garland onto hooks at either end when I had finished.


I then began stringing felt, and found that I had to pull pretty hard in order to get the pieces to sit closely together, and cause the string not to be visible. This put some strain on my pinky finger, so I put a bandaid on it for some extra padding.

When the garland was about 7-8 feet long, I put another tied yarn loop on the end, and knotted my thread. I put some command hooks on the edges of the shelf in our living room, and hung the garland from it.



Update ** I know what I said about not liking the effect I got when I cut the felt strips 2″ long…but… I was just so happy with the first garland I made, that I had to make another one for our Christmas tree. Because a 4″ garland would be way too big, I have started making a smaller one, and I must say, I love it so far. Check my Instagram for finished pics – @Lstansal, or click the link in the sidebar. 🙂



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