2015 ~ Plans & Shop Updates

Happy New Year, everyone!

I want to start off by saying a huge thank you to everyone that supported, followed, liked, and praised The Fawn & The Fox this year. 2014 was our best, yet.

To everyone that came out to the last Market Collective in Calgary, we especially want to say thank you. It was a huge success, and we had a great time.


Here is a shot of our sweet corner booth on the very first day.




We actually completely sold out of these one of a kind tree ring prints, so thank you to everyone that purchased one! We do still have several of our prints from original paintings, which will be going into the shop very soon.



Newly available in our shop are these tree ring tote bags. Each bag is sewn by me, and then printed from an actual slice of pine tree with fabric ink. Each bag is one of a kind, and they come in several colours!


IMG_6225      IMG_6226


Also at the market, were our newly named Cumulus Cowls and Strata Cowls (pictured top to bottom). We do still have a couple of these available, and this Strata Cowl will be in our etsy shop shortly.


This brings me to my next announcement:

In the spirit of New Years resolutions, I have decided to venture into the world of hand dyeing. I have begun gathering the materials so that I will be able to start my experiments with dyeing my own yarn. For now, this yarn will be for personal use only, so that I can find out what works best. However, it is my goal to be selling some yarn in my etsy shop by the year’s end. I will still be selling hand knit items from the patterns I have already developed, but I am hoping to shift my focus a bit this year to include dyeing. I am excited by the prospect of becoming an active part of the dyeing community. I love getting to know other knitters, and seeing what other people make with yarn that I have also purchased.
Please wish me luck, and if you have any tips or suggestions, comment below!

I have been getting very into knitting podcasts this year, which is likely to blame for my new desire to try hand dyeing. My favourites right now are Yarngasm, The Dyer’s Notebook, Tiny Owl Knits and Fat Squirrel Speaks. I would highly recommend checking them out. All of the above are video podcasts, which you can find on YouTube by clicking the links above (All except Tiny Owl Knits can be found on iTunes as well, and update regularly). I find that I really prefer video podcasts when it comes to knitting, because you can see what the host has been working on, yarn they have purchased, etc. While there are audio-only podcasts I do listen to, I just find the video aspect much more enjoyable.

*   *   *

I also plan to start knitting for myself much more this year. Again, probably because of the binge podcast watching that has been going on around here, I have found a plethora of patterns and yarn that I am dying to try out (There is also a dubious cardigan sitting on my needles that I started about a year ago). I plan to start posting more about my WIP’s and FO’s, and commenting on my overall experience with certain patterns/ yarn / needles. I have really found this year that when I am only knitting things to sell, I don’t enjoy knitting nearly as much. I end up using plain yarn that will appeal to a wide audience, using simple patterns, and wanting to finish as quickly as possible, rather than enjoying myself. I would like to take a step back from all of that this year. I will still be selling my hand knits, but the difference will be that it won’t be ALL I knit.

Lastly, I really would like to start a series of paintings this year. I have done a couple commissions this year, but no painting for myself. I really want to focus on coming up with a concept for a series of paintings that will appeal to me, and keep me interested for the next year, minimum. For those of you who are unfamiliar, I also have a website of my art, which can be found here.


Of course, if we are talking about upcoming events this year, I really must mention the main one. That is, The Fawn & The Fox are getting married!
For those of you that follow me on Instagram, this is old news, but I never did announce it on the blog: In April of this year, we will be getting married.

Michael and I started The Fawn & The Fox together almost two years ago. We met in art school, and decided to start selling the things we made on etsy. We then started going to local markets, and we have continued our small business to the present. I am of course looking forward to the future with my “business partner”. 🙂




* Some shots from our engagement photos. Photographer’s website here *


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