The Fawn Knits Podcast – Episode One – Bear with Me

Hi everyone,

I have recently decided that I’m going to give video podcasting a go. One of my favourite pastimes of late has been watching knitting related podcasts (as I’ve covered in previous posts). I do a lot of knitting, but I hardly know anyone else who knits, so it gets frustrating having no one to talk to about what is one of my favourite things to do. I am hoping that with this podcast, I’ll be able to converse with more people online about our hobbies, and maybe even meet people locally.

It seems like knitting is not at all popular in my area. As I cover on the podcast, I have no LYS, no friends who knit, and I have been met with little to no interest when I have tried to start knitting groups in the past. I would love to be able to change some, if not all of those things.

I decided to name the podcast The Fawn Knits because it’s a sort of spinoff from this blog and my etsy shop. I named my etsy shop The Fawn & The Fox because I started it with my (now) husband. He is the fox, and I’m the fawn, put in simplest terms. We both make things for the etsy shop, but this podcast is going to be only about what I make: which is mainly knitting. 

I am hoping that people will like this podcast enough that they’ll want to watch more episodes. If that is the case for you, please let me know. Your feedback would be much appreciated!


Show notes for episode 1 of The Fawn Knits:

Ravelry and Instagram: thefawnknits – please go follow/friend me (links in sidebar) –>

My Etsy Shop – The Fawn & The Fox

My fine art website –


Yarn mentioned in the podcast:

Rain City Knits Etsy Shop

Quaere Fibre Arts Etsy Shop

Manos del Uruguay Alegria

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock


Cross Stitch Shops:

Jim Jam Crafts Etsy Shop

Frigid Stitch Etsy Shop


Things you need to know:

Where to buy Bananagrams


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask on any platform.
(ravelry pm, instagram comment, email, wordpress comment, etc.)

Thank you so much for watching my podcast! I hope you enjoyed it. Please like & subscribe if you did.


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