Gathering Tree Rings

Every so often, Michael and I go out into the woods to get a few more trees to take prints off of. My in-laws live out in the country, surrounded by trees, so their property is the perfect place to look for fallen trees.



On our last excursion, we hopped in my father in law’s Scout, and drove through a large field to the woods, stopping to see the neighbours llamas on the way, of course.



Side note – When pretending to be a lumberjack, it’s important to always wear hand knit socks.



We drove until we found an area with a few fallen trees (and a ton of bugs). We only cut sections from trees that are dead and fallen down. There are lots to choose from, so it is never necessary for us to cut down a living tree.



I have made the executive decision that Michael should always be the one to handle the chainsaw. This is in everyone’s best interest.







We continued on, finding a few more fallen trees of different varieties: two spruce trees and a poplar tree.



These will now need to be sanded and treated to make the ridges stand out – a process that took tons of trial and error on our part, and is therefore top secret. 🙂



The woods are at their most beautiful this time of year, so we spent a bit more time driving around and enjoying the scenery.

A few days later, the trees were ready for printing, and Michael pulled the first print. These large size will soon be available in our etsy shop.


This print is 20″ x 26″ – the tree ring is 13″ in diameter.


If you have any questions on the subject, please ask in the comment section below 🙂




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