Fibre Week

Hi everyone!

Last week was an important one for Olds – the town I live in. Normally, not much goes on around here, especially when it comes to the knitting  and spinning community. However, once a year, all things fibre related congregate in Olds for one amazing week – Fibre Week at Olds College!

Now, I know that Olds College does offer a Master Spinner and Master Weaver program, and there is ONE local store where you can buy Paton’s yarn (and a plethora of frightful 100% acrylic), so the town is not completely devoid of fibre culture…but it’s pretty close.

That is, until fibre week!



This was my first year attending Fibre Week, and I was impressed with the number of vendors, and the distances they had travelled to be here (I purchased yarn from a dyer based in Quebec, for example). There was every kind of shop imaginable in the Merchant Mall – all types of fibre and yarn, spindles, wheels, needles, project bags, stitch markers, pottery, looms, and even bags of prize winning fleece.

DSC03613   DSC03612

I walked around in a bit of a daze – likely from the volume of yarn fumes in the building. I knew that I wanted to purchase yarn for a Featherweight Cardigan, so I made that my starting point. Of course, I was quickly distracted by everything else on display.




I did find yarn for my cardigan, which I talk about in Episode 4 of my podcast, as well as a whole bunch of other (probably unnecessary) purchases.

First, I stopped at the Ancient Arts booth. They had a 50% off basket, which was full to the top on the first day of the Merchant Mall being open. I found 3 skeins – two in Irish Linen, and one in Fog Warning. I bought them thinking of my featherweight cardigan, but I soon found something even better suited.

Next, I went to the Riverside Studio booth. I probably stayed there for a good 20 mins, just looking at all the beautiful colorways, and touching the incredibly soft yarn. I finally settled on the beryl colorway. Unfortunately, they didn’t have three skeins of it, so I also got one skein of the sand colorway. I plan to use this for the collar and cuffs.



Here is what it looks like knit up:



I purchased this rubber ducky progress keeper at the Sewn by Lindsay booth, as well as some snagless stitch markers and a cute trailer progress keeper (sadly, currently sold out in her shop).

I then stopped by the Dragonfly Dyewerx booth, and was of course overwhelmed by all the bright colours, sparkle, and silky yarn. I stayed for quite a while, chatting with the owner and trying to decide which skein to buy.


I finally settled on a skein of her silky singles in the Velvet Elvis colorway, and a skein of her BFL Sock in the Braaains or Bacon colorway.



At this point, I decided I had enough yarn, but was sorely lacking in the fibre department. I had seen a friend on my way into the mall with a hot pink braid of merino. I hunted around the various fibre booths until I found it: sitting on a table at The Fiber Imp booth. Without hesitation, I bought one.

I made one final loop around the Merchant Mall, making sure I hadn’t missed anything I couldn’t live without. I discovered what would be my final purchase: the Batt Buffet from A Curious Spin!

DSC03615This is a something that A Curious Spin brings with them to fibre festivals and trade shows. It enables people to choose any colours from the jars, and create their very own batt. Of course, I had to take part. I chose a variety of purples, pinks and greens. I added some gold angelina, and voila – my very own custom Corriedale batt! – to see a video of her making up the batt, watch episode 4 of my podcast.



All in all, I spent way too much money at Fibre Week, and I don’t regret it a bit! Sometimes, you just have to treat yo self.

I am looking forward to next year. I may take a class next time – there were a lot to choose from, but I was just a bit late registering, so most of them were full.

Until next time, you can watch my podcast to see everything I bought in stash enhancement, and join the Olds Fibre Week group on Ravelry to see upcoming events.

If you attended fibre week this year, share your favourite part in the comments! If you didn’t tell me which part would have been your favourite. 🙂

DSC03628Another reason to attend Fibre Week: the grounds at Olds College are always beautiful this time of year.






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