The Fawn Knits – Episode 18: All Over the Place

Hi eveyone,

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the Calgary Fibre Arts Fair last weekend! It was a great experience and I met a lot of really nice people. If you want more info, or for next year’s dates, visit their website.

I’m sorry I didn’t put out an episode last week. I recorded a full episode, only to find out that my mic wasn’t working so there was no sound. This week, I was still unable to get it working, so I had to record once again using the camera’s internal microphone. This means there will be a sound when the autofocus is in use. I will do my best to get the external mic working for next time so that sound won’t be audible anymore.

Shownotes for Episode 18:

Find me on Ravelry, Instagram and Periscope as thefawnknits

Ravelry Group: The Fawn Knits

My etsy shop: the fawn and the fox

Shop updates will now be happening every Friday at 2pm MST/ 4pm EST.
I have created a sale section in my shop for discounted items.



Windswept by A Homespun House

Square Heel by Lara Neel – from the book Sock Architecture

Simple Moss Stitch Hat by Halldora J

The Doodler by Stephen West


Stash Enhancement:

Republic of Wool Twist Fingering – Sugar Cookie

Adelaide Cottage (etsy) – Project bag

Yarn Ink – etsy


For more information on the knit nights happening in Olds, Alberta, please visit our Facebook page: Olds Knit Night

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the episode 18 thread in The Fawn Knits ravelry group!



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