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Our website and blog has now been moved to another location on the web. Please visit thefawnandthefox.net to view our new website.

You can still find us in the same places for our etsy shop, Facebook page, and instagram. Just click the links in the sidebar on this page, or visit our new website for all the info.

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The Fawn Knits – Episode 16: Sweater Nightmares

Hi Everyone! Thank you for watching this episode of my podcast. I finally got my camera working, so I’m recording in much better quality. I’m hoping the sound will also be better, as the mic on the camera is far … Continue reading

The Fawn Knits: Episode 4 – Fibre Week

  Hi Everyone, Thanks for checking out another episode of the podcast. This episode is mainly about Fibre Week – specifically, the time I spent at the Merchant Mall. There were so many wonderful things there, and lovely people to … Continue reading

The Fawn Knits Podcast – Episode One – Bear with Me

Hi everyone, I have recently decided that I’m going to give video podcasting a go. One of my favourite pastimes of late has been watching knitting related podcasts (as I’ve covered in previous posts). I do a lot of knitting, … Continue reading