The Fawn Knits – Episode 16: Sweater Nightmares

Hi Everyone! Thank you for watching this episode of my podcast. I finally got my camera working, so I’m recording in much better quality. I’m hoping the sound will also be better, as the mic on the camera is far … Continue reading

The Fawn Knits: Episode 8 – Millions of peaches, peaches for me

Hi everyone! Thanks for watching this week’s episode of the podcast. I hope you are all having a fantastic summer full of fine weather and crafting of all sorts. I couldn’t help but notice this week how many times “peach” … Continue reading

The Fawn Knits Podcast – Episode One – Bear with Me

Hi everyone, I have recently decided that I’m going to give video podcasting a go. One of my favourite pastimes of late has been watching knitting related podcasts (as I’ve covered in previous posts). I do a lot of knitting, … Continue reading